Cyborg Soldier Costume

Introduction: Cyborg Soldier Costume

This is a step by step for my Cyborg costume.
Foam mats (3 - 24" x 24")
1 can grey Primer
1 can Gunmetal Spray
1 can Green Camo Spray
1 Can Brown Camo spray
4 Hot Glue sticks
1 belt of fake ammo
1 large bottle of wood clue (Tite Bond)
1 small can of Poly Urethane
4 3/4" PVC pipes
1 4" PVC pipe
1 4" Threaded PVC clean out
1 4" Threaded PVC cap
1 bottle of silver model paint.
1 package of fake tattoo scratches and scars.
1 eye patch

I had a lot of components already for this built so it cost me about $40.00 total to complete.

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Step 1: Cyborg Step 1

The first step was to fabricate some armor out of some foam flooring I had laying around. I drew a basic design I wanted to use on paper. Then I scaled it and drew out the design on the foam. I basically cut pieces with a razor knife or scissors for angled edges and used a heat gun to shape each piece the way I liked it. Once it cools the piece retains its shape. Then I used a hot glue gun to join the pieces together. The chest piece was my design freehand so to speak. The shin guards were borrowed from a War Machine Pepakura file.

Step 2: Cyborg Step 2

Once the pieces were shaped and glued I "painted" each piece twice over with wood glue allowing the glue to dry between coats. This hardened the foam a bit and created a surface for the paint to stick to.

Step 3: Cyborg Step 3

After the glue coats hardened, I sanded them lightly with 600 grit sand paper then lightly with #000 steel wool. I then painted each piece with grey primer.

Step 4: Cyborg Step 4

Once the grey primer dried. I rubbed each piece with #000 steel wool again then painted each piece with gunmetal metallic color match spray paint. Once the gunmetal dried I lightly spray camo green and camo brown spray is streaks and blotches to simulate a camo pattern.

Step 5: Cyborg Step 5

Now it was time for some details. I used a soldering iron with a flat tip and burned holes in the armor 3/4 of the way through. I then painted the inside of the holes with silver model paint and touched around the edges of the holes to create a bullet effect. The armor looks like it took a hit but didn't penetrate fully. I created 2 scratches as well using the same process.

Step 6: Cyborg - Step 6

Next I printed a cool skull graphic on my printer and cut it out. I coated the print with Polyurethane and laid it on the armor. I then put 2 more coats of Poly on all of the armor allowing it to dry between coats. This sealed and hardened the armor even more.

Step 7: Cyborg - Step 7

This is the armor after 2 coats of Poly.

Step 8: Cyborg- Step 8

Now to make the gun. I made this out of 4" PVC, a PVC cap and threaded clean out piece and 4 24" 3/4" PVC pipes cut into 14" lengths. I cut the 4" pipe to my forearm length. I then drilled the PVC cap with a 3/4" bit evenly spaced around the cap and a 5th hole dead center. I used that template to create to circles of foam the same size and the holes in the same location. The foam pieces were glued together then coated with wood glue to harden. I then cut another piece of the 4" PVC slightly wider than the width of the 2 pieces of foam back to back. I inserted the foam disc with the holes into the 4" PVC and hot glued it in place. I then inserted each 3/4" pipe into this piece and routed it to the 4" threaded cap. I then screwed the cap into the clean out piece and then place the clean out piece on the 4" pipe. I then spray this with 2 coats of flat black spray. I then fabricated a gauntlet of sorts that was glued to the 4" PVC and painted in a camo pattern then poly'd.

Step 9: Cyborg- Step 9

Now I added some details to the gun. I created an ammo box out of a small cardboard box. Coated it in duct tape. Sprayed the inside flat black and the outside camo. Put 2 coats of poly on the outside. I then screwed it to the side of the gun. I then glued some wire strands I had to the bottom of the gun. I framed the wiring with 2 straws cut in half and painted copper. Hot glue was used to attach them. Finally I bought some fake belt ammo from the Halloween store. I cut a slot in the side of the gun and glued the first round of fake ammo in the slot and draped the rest of the ammo into the box. I used a bit of coat hanger bent into an arc to raise the first 8" or so of ammo into an arc. This was worn on my forearm and made to like like it was attached to my arm.

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