Cycle Sharing- Bolt IoT Techniche

Introduction: Cycle Sharing- Bolt IoT Techniche

Our objective going into this project was the design a system which tracks cycles and displays their location and their availability online. Old, unused cycles can be repaired and can be allotted for these purposes in campuses like IIT G. People who want to borrow a cycle, can borrow a cycle (By paying a nominal fees using RFID).

For this project, we decided to focus on displaying the position and the availability of the cycles. however, due to technical restrictions we weren't able to finish the former.

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Step 1: Checking Availability of Cycle

We will be checking the availability of the cycle using a simple circuit. These cycles will be equipped with a pad lock ( ) of this model whose circuit will be closed when it is locked. Therefore, the circuit will be complete, and an output will be taken and fed into pins, from which we can determine whether or not the cycle is locked. If cycle is locked, state of pin will be high, and else, it will be LOW.

Step 2: Making the Website

We made a simple website, which had three simple tabs. One of them was cycle, which listed out all available cycles. And one choosing a cycle, the user is redirected to the IP of the Bolt. So, the code loaded on the Bolt will be executed. And will display the availability of the cycle.

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    4 years ago

    Please add your code as well as circuit diagram.

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