Cycling Trophies

Intro: Cycling Trophies

A group ride for my bike shop and a few cyclists are nominated for what amounts to a Best and Fairest or MVP for their role in positively promoting cycling in our Town.

Step 1: Variety of Trophies Made Using Old Sprockets and Cogs, Arc Welded (could Be Brazed or Even Epoxied) Primed and Painted With Gold Paint

Step 2:



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3 years ago on Introduction

These look cool! I'd be proud to receive a homemade trophy like this. Much better than the plastic junky things that come from trophy shops!


3 years ago on Introduction

I didn't take any progress photos, but all cutting done with my trusty angle grinder, arc welded, primed and top coated using scrap parts I would normally throw away after servicing customer bikes.