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Introduction: D-I-Y Steampunk Belt Buckle

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Has life been a little lack-luster lately? Have you yearned for an easy and cheap solution to your problem? This  cool and simple to make $0 belt-buckle will solve those problems.

A list of materials used on this project:

- An old folding belt clasp
- Scrap metal from around the garage
- A tin can
- A flat-head bolt and nut
- Two different diameter washers
- Hot glue
- A blow torch or candle
- A file and a hack saw
-Tin snips

Step 1: Cutting the Tin Can

To cut the tin can, use a can-opener and tin snips until it is the desired diameter.

Step 2: Burning the Tin Can

To add a desired old brass look, I burnt the end of the tin can with a blowtorch. After about 5 minutes the can will start to turn brown.

Step 3: Adding Washers

To jazz up the buckle and make it look more steampunk, I added a few beat up washers to the middle. Small gears would of been more authentic, but I didn't have any around. I also added a small bolt to the top right corner of the buckle for extra grunge. I used hot glue to fasten the washers to the tin can and also on the bolt in the corner.

Step 4: Glueing Everything Together

Now, make sure everything is the way you want it and make any final changes. Glue everything together.

I got very lucky in finding that dirt bike piece making the whole belt possible. For this project to be successful without the dirt bike piece, improvising is critical. Imagination is key in this process.

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    9 years ago on Step 3

    if you had a square file with the litlle file on the side you could put the washers in a vice and make it look like a gear.