D-Sub Test-Adapters (design Idea)

I often have to test instruments with D-Sub connectors for power and signals. Instead of soldering for each a new test-cable, I made a set of test-adapters presented here.

Step 1: Get Material Required

- Prototyping board RE224 for 9 and 15 pin connectors

- Prototyping board RE224 for 25 connectors Image 4

Both from Roth-Elektronik are available with SRBP-paper FR2 or Epoxy fibre-glass FR4 For Distributors see https://www.roth-elektronik.com/en/distributors

- Male and female D-Sub connectors for PCB 90 degree

- Male headers .1 inch pitch vertical and or horizontal as you wish

Step 2: Assembling

Divide the boards to get one for each type of connector.
Solder in the connectors and headers.

If needed, make solder bridges between the solder-eyes of the headers



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