D-duino Tutorial(Control LED and Vibrating Motor by Web)



Introduction: D-duino Tutorial(Control LED and Vibrating Motor by Web)

Control D-duino is easy like Arduino.

You can use Arduino IDE or LUA to control D-duino.

Today I want to show LUA control D-duino.

I use a LED shield and add 3 vibrating motor to Pin 4,7,10.

The other pins I soldered Red,Green,Blue,Pink,Yellow LEDs.

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Step 1: Prepare

Hardware is easy.

D-duino x1

18650 shield x1

LED shield board x1

LED x5

Vibrating motor x3

Step 2: Connect

Like the picture.

I added 3 vibrating motors to Pin 4,7,10

The other pins I soldered different color LEDs.

Then I open the IP address by web browser or smartphone.

Here is a video for what I have tested.


Step 3: About Programming

Here I will simply introduce how to program with LUA.

1.Build your own firmware.


Please follow this link to build your own version firmware.

Then download it.

2.Burn the firmware into your D-duino.


Follow this link to learn how to burn firmware.

3.Download ESPlorer and program under this IDE.

Remember: Your code should be saved as init.lua.

Read these links you will find program D-duino is very easy

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