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Introduction: D4E1 Cooking Aid

This product was created to help a visually impaired person who wants to be able to cook again.
The biggest problems were:

  • Detecting where every kitchen utensil is located > works very slow
  • Seeing both dark and light vegetables on the same cutting board > can't cut them
  • Seeing where the cutting board ends > wastes food because they get dropped

We solved these problems by:

  • Using a fixed place for every utensil (he has a very good memory)
  • Using a cutting board that is black on one side and white on the other, which is easily turnable
  • Using a grey material as final layer so it has the biggest contrast with both white and black

Another important factor was that he needed to take the product with him, so the product needed to be light, portable and easy to transport

On the bottom you have a place for putting your knives and cutting board

Step 1: Used Materials

Multiplex 8mm 600mmx450mm (x5)
Multiplex 4mm 600mmx450mm (x2)
Aluminium sheet 0,5mm 1200mmx600mm (optional)
White acrylic 1,5mm 500mmx500mm (optional)
Black acrylic 1,5mm 500mmx500mm (optional)
Leather 5mm 200mm*200mm
Magnets (x22)
Guitar strap
Snap fastener
Needle and thread
Screw 5mmx12mm (x24)
Black torx screw 7mmx40mm (x2)
Wood glue
TEK-7 Glue

Step 2: Lasering the Multiplex

The plates get numbered in the order they appear in the PDF file.

The first page in the pdf need to be lasered twice on the 4mm multiplex,
the rest of the pages need to be lasered on the 8mm multiplex.

Step 3: Glue Multiplex

Use wood glue to glue plates 3 & 4 and plates 5 & 6 together.

Step 4: Cut Leather

Cut the leather into two pieces of 200mmx85mm,
keep the rest of the leather, it will be needed later on.

Step 5: Make Leather Hinge

Use the 24 small screws to fasten the leather to the already glued wood,
thus creating a leather hinge.

If you used screws that are too long for the wood used like us, now is the perfect time to dremel off the ends that stick out.

Step 6: Finish Wooden Base

Glue plate 1 & 2 on top of plate 3 and the second plate 1 on top of plate 6.
This means that the two plates of 4mm are at the outside.

Now that the wooden base is finished, the outside can be sanded down evenly if you prefer to see the multiplex layers instead of the black lasered side.

Step 7: Cut Aluminum (Optional)

The aluminum finish layer is optional and mostly aesthetic,
we chose to add this layer to make the product feel more premium.

There are also holes that need to be drilled (Ø 10mm) in the aluminum plate where the magnets will be placed, you can do this in a pattern or randomly.
The magnets are there to keep the knives in place while transporting and cooking.

Step 8: Glue the Aluminum (optional) and the Magnets

Use the TEK-7 to glue the aluminum (optional) and the magnets to the wooden base.

Step 9: Cutting the Closing Mechanism

Cut two pieces out of the remaining leather of 30mmx40mm and 30mmx120mm.

Step 10: Sewing the Snap Fastener

Use needle and thread to sew the snap fastener to the leather pieces.

Step 11: Glue Closing Mechanism

Use TEK-7 to glue the leather pieces to the outside of the wooden base.

Step 12: Pre Drill Holes for Strap

Pre drill the holes for the strap with a smaller diameter than the screws (3,5mm) to prevent the wood from splitting.
The location of the hole is displayed in the picture above, and should be on the same place on the other side.

Step 13: Attach Strap to Wooden Base

Use the torx screws to attach the strap to the wooden base.

Step 14: Make Own Cutting Board (optional)

The board is black on one side and white on the other so there is a contrast when cutting both light and dark foods.
This custom made board is optional for people who have trouble with seeing the food.

Cut the white and black acrylic so it fits in the base, then glue them together and drill a hole in the front, so it can easily be flipped around.

Step 15: Finishing Touches

To make the product more durable, water resistant and hygienic the wood parts need to be lacquered, and the edges where the two aluminum plates meet need to be sealed.

After it has dried, the product is ready to be used.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea! Cooking is such a freeing thing that can give independence to people who feel like they no longer have it. Well done.