Introduction: DB-V4

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Death Bringer V4 is here!


Shoots 225ft
Shoots accuratly up to 70ft
Very sturdy
Looks cool


Takes a while to load
Will very rarely missfire
No tactical rail.



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    hey how about instructions on how to build or more dtailed pictures. it looks really cool. i need a replacement rifle cause the one i built has not been taken apart for a year and i want something new. this is one gun that i would tear it down to build.

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    i agree, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase post instructions

    I will post it after I post V5 (very soon) as I am going to build a new gun. Thanks for commenting!

    You are welcome! By the way, I noticed your sidebar where you wrote I was 200 that is awesome how you did that. I enjoyed reading your profile. Are you entering any of the contest?

    Thanks! I have been very busy recently so I have not had much time. But I am hoping to start posting one a fortnight, and now it is the holidays I have some free time!