DC3 Paper Airplane-The King of the Paper Gliders

Introduction: DC3 Paper Airplane-The King of the Paper Gliders

About: Hi my name is Muchen and I'm a student at Imperial College.
I will show you how to make the DC3 paper airplane. You have probably not heard it before, but it is a really good glider that is quite easy to make (if you understand origami)
So when you are bored, you can always pick up a piece of paper and build this plane!
then chuck it around the house or office!
Have fun (and don't throw them into peoples eyes)
anyway, here is the test video (it crashed into the wall doesn't mean it doesn't fly well!


Step 1: You Will Need:

You will need a piece of A4 paper, scissors, a pen or pencil, and a ruler
Other things you might need: Hands, brain, eyes, being good at origami

Step 2: Step 1

Get the A4 paper...easy!

Step 3: Step 2

Fold the top corner down to touch the sides, like this...

Step 4: Step 3

Bring the corner down to make an even smaller triangle

Step 5: Step 4

it should look like this when done...

Step 6: Step 5

Open it up, yes...open it all up again!
notice the giant X crease?

Step 7: Step 6

fold the top to the bottom of the X crease, 
like this...

Step 8: Step 7

Open it up again...
now notice theres a crease across the middle of the X crease?

Step 9: Step 8

Push in the sides of the X crease like this
All the creases you have made before will make this easy

Step 10: Step 9

After that, the X crease will form a small triangle, 
now push the top down to make it flat

Step 11: Step 10

When flat, it should look like this...

Step 12: Step 11

From the bottom right corner of the triangle, fold it up to meet the top

Step 13: Step 12

Do the same to the other one...

Step 14: Step 13

Now from the halfway point, fold it down

Step 15: Step 14

do the same to the other one

Step 16: Step 15

Now from the right corner of the small square you made, fold that towards the middle

Step 17: Step 16

and the same to the other one

Step 18: Step 17

make sure you flatten it

Step 19: Step 18

Now...the tricky part...
from the corner of the little fold you just did, drag it down, this will pull some of the paper above the little fold.

Step 20: Step 19

it should look like this...

Step 21: Step 20

and the same to the other little fold, thats the tricky part done:)

Step 22: Step 21

Fold the bottom edge of the paper up to the bottom on the big triangle, like this

Step 23: Step 22

Open it up and cut that crease, this will form the stabilizer of your plane.
So don't throw it away!

Step 24: Step 23

fold that strip of paper in half

Step 25: Step 24

From the edges of the strip, mark 4.5 cm from the edge of the strip of paper

Step 26: Step 25

from the bottom edge, mark 1 cm, which is halfway of the folded strip

Step 27: Step 26

Join the two points and cut it out

Step 28: Step 27

Turn these little flaps 90 degrees from the main strip, like this...

Step 29: Step 28

How lets make the body of the plane...
turn the plane over onto its backside...

Step 30: Step 29

From the corner, fold that up till you cannot pull any more because the little triangles are in the way...

Step 31: Step 30

Fold it in half

Step 32: Step 31

Fold the wing 90 degrees down gain at about 1.5 cm from the bottom

Step 33: Step 32

And the same to the other wing...
The body is now complete:)

Step 34: Step 33

Now join the body and the stabilizer together...
Shuffle the strip of paper under the folded triangle (look at where have tagged)

Step 35: Finished!

it should now look like this...
And now you have built your DC3 paper airplane...WOOOOHOOO!
Here is a view from the front and the back!

Step 36: How to Fly Your Plane

Hold your plane at 180 degrees (which is flat), then gently throw it. Easy!
Thanks:) Have fun flying!

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    4 years ago

    the dc3 is great lol :)