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Cordless DECT phones are great, but mostly don't let you type two handed without breaking your neck! Headset ones cost upwards of £45, and don't even have a dial pad! So I took a spare and upgraded it. :-)

Step 1: Take Your DECT Phone and Headset. is the cheapest DECT headset I could find. It has no info at all, and it is still £45 before tax! Something had to be done!

First, get yourself a set of headphones. I managed to get this headset for £1 on clearance, but you can spend as much as you want. Next, get yourself your DECT phone, and open it up. Most designs make you take out the batteries before you can, and that's a good thing.

Try not to trash any clips that hold the phone together, too, since you want it to go back together afterwards.

Step 2: Prep the Headset

Strip the plugs off the end of the headset and strip the wires back a little, too. You need to recall which one is the headphones and which is the microphone, so you might need a label. My headset has different wires - 2 for the mic, and three for the ears.

I cut about 40cm of wire off, too, as it was too long. I want to wear this on my belt or back pocket without getting tangled.

Determine which two wires feed the two earphones, and which is the ground. Twist the two feeds together. If you are using a mono headset, this doesn't apply!

Step 3: Warm Up the Soldering Iron

Grab your soldering iron and desolderer if you have one.

Remove the wires for the ear and pop off the mic.

Now solder your headset wires to the remaining solder points, ensuring they are the right way around. Polarity shouldn't make any difference, I mean make sure the mic is to the mic points, and the ear is to the ear points!

Step 4: Add Some Strain Relief and Holes for Wires to Exit

Grab a drill and a set of bits. Find a bit that is the same size as your wires, and drill a hol for the wire to slip into. I needed one at the bottom edge of the board to get the mic wire to the other side for strain resistance when it gets pulled, as it was a friction fit.

I originally threaded the wire through the screen, by removing the screen cover and clipping a small part out of the changeable covers. This was far from perfect though, so I decided to add a hole on the side and replace the LCD protection.

To make a hole in the side, I simply took a larger bit that would take both wires, and drilled through the edge of the case when the halfs were pushed tightly together. Alas, you can see the mistake! When I put the board back in, I had drilled the hole in the only place that there was a discreet component in the way! So I drilled another one a bit further up...

Step 5: Testing... 1... 2...3...

Now put the batteries back in, and apply the power. Your phone should find the base station and light up like normal, and you should hear a beep/dial tone. Call someone and test it.

If you can't hear anything, you haven't soldered the earpiece wires on properly, and if they can't hear you, it's the mic. Obviously.

Step 6: Screw Everything Back Together!

This was the hardest part. For me, anyway. Even once everything weas tested, squeezing the case together so the wires stayed right where I wnated them was tricky. Once it was done, I realised the next day that it wouldn't recharge, as the mic wire was trapped between the contacts for the cradle charger. This was soon fixed, however, and it now works perfectly. I can work outside or in the garage and take calls without any trouble.

The handset can be dialled out on still, and is fully functional. There is even a speaker which still works, and one menu option is for "autoanswer" and another is for "keylock", which makes it about perfect. It also acts an an intercom to any other DECT handsets on the same base station!



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    I love this post, it is very help full for me.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I bought a phone with jack in I found very cheap but thankx


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hello. I know this is kinda old but I need some help.I tried this instructable with a pair of normal pc-headset(like the one the pic) and didnt hear anything...... I tried it with a panasonic cordless phone.Any help?

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, it's been 12 months, so you probably either fixed this or gave up!

    I don't know, basically. The first thing to try to make a call and see if the other party can hear you. Then try putting the phone in speakerphone mode. If this works, that's your answer. If not, try checking you used the correct wires for the head mic, and the correct wires for the ear speaker. Also, check your solder joints worked, and your polarity.

    If it still doesn't work, though I could work it out if I was there, I can't really help. Fingers crossed.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I have 2 similar model phones, 1 I bought 2nd hand and the other my mother's phone, and on the one I bought, it has a 2.5mm headset socket on the base... :) hough the phone is pretty rubbish as the buttons aren't easy to press, I think they were contaminated by something, and even after cleaning several times, the phone's still not easy to use!!! :S


    10 years ago on Introduction

    hi i want to ask if this work for a simple phone. because i try it and the i don't listen very well and the can't hear me at all or a little.

    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Have you hacked the handset yet or not? If it is too quiet to hear normally, adding a headset to it isn't likely to help much, unless it is a fault in the handset. Try looking through the menu on the handset, though. You might find there is a volume adjustment, and that would solve your problem.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    There are DECT phones on the market with a 2.5mm 'universal' headset jack. You can pop down to the dollar store and pick up a cell phone headset, and you're in business.

    1 reply

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    There should be a law against calling those 2.5mm sockets universal, when 99% of shops in the UK don't even have a single headset or earphone with a 2.5mm jack on them! If you can buy one with a socket built in then great. I adapted this one because I got the 5 sets with the base station.


    12 years ago

    just wondering, how much harder would it have been to add phono/rca jacks to the heandset so that you could unplug the headset if you wanted to?

    1 reply

    Reply 12 years ago

    It would be pretty easy, and I almost did it. The only snag you might find it that the socket will be too big for inside the case. I was going to use a 3.5mm socket, but there was no room. I then decided against having it on a lead outside the case, since this headset only cost 99p and was unlikely to be needed elsewhere.