This has been made for a haunted house i volunteer at, it is made from one of those rapping animitronic dolls that they made alot of in the 2000's, but you could use any one of the thousand animitronic dolls they make during the holidays. i also used parts from 2 lamb chop play along dog toys, the torso from one then just the legs / lower torso from the other. the other minor things i used were a platic spool use on reciet paper, i cut out teeth from it then in half to form the jaws. the eye's are the back sid of the eyes that came on the original doll

i originally got the idea from here

and below are 3 videos of the dolls progression

, just so i don't get denied from the make it stick contest again , i would like to point out thing are held together with glue and not magic



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