DH11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor With Arduino




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This is a Tutorial On how to use the DH11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor with Arduino.

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Step 1: Watch This Video ( This Is a Full Tutorial )

This video Shows the full Procedure on how to use this Sensor.

Step 2: Install the DH11 Library.

1) Click here To download the DH11 Library for Arduino.

2) Extract the Zip File.

3) Paste the Extracted Folder to C: \Program Files \ arduino \ Libraries.

4) Open the Arduino IDE and Click "OPEN".You will find that a new option has been added (dht11_read).

5) Open this Sketch and Upload this to your Arduino.

6) Thats it, You are good to go!!!!.

Step 3: Points to Remember

1) According to the sketch, Connect the Second Pin of the Sensor to the DIGITAL PIN 4 of the Arduino.Otherwise it will show an error.

2) it is not necessary to connect a 10K Ohm Resistor in between the VCC and Signal (1st and 2nd) Pin of the Sensor.

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    5 Discussions


    3 years ago

    am very interested in your project, but video is not working, can you make a writtenttutorial


    3 years ago

    The video link still isĀ“nt working.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, Can use this librery for sending data by ethernet? Exist other librery, where the wat for getting data needs a delay... and your expample not use delay... I will try..

    Finally.. this library.. can works with DHT22?? or justo work with DHT11??