DHT-22 Sensor Data in Smartphone Using Bluetooth (HC-05) and Arduino

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Intro: DHT-22 Sensor Data in Smartphone Using Bluetooth (HC-05) and Arduino

Introduction to the project:

In this project we are going to demonstrate you how we can see the humidity and temperature of our environment in our smartphone in real time using HC-05 bluetooth module.

Step 1: Software Required

As we are using Arduino Uno so for that we have to use Arduino IDE

here is the link for Arduino IDE


And also we are getting data in our smartphone so for that we are using Bluetooth Terminal App

Step 2: Hardware Required

These are the hardware components we are using

1. Arduino Uno

2. DHT22 sensor

3. Hc-05 Bluetooth Module

4.Jumper wires

5.10k resistor

Step 3: Including Necessary Library for the Project

Here we are using DHT22 so for that you have to include DHT22 library in our Arduino IDE

so you can download it from the below link.

You can include this library using two methods

1. Go to the Arduino IDE and go to sketch tab then go to Include Library and select option Add .ZIP Library

as shown in above figure

2. download this library folder and unzip it and then copy it to the library of your Arduino Software

Step 4: Project Discription

You can see the circuit diagram in above figure.

How this project will work:

Download the code given in the next step and upload it to the arduino Uno

And then make the connection as shown in the circuit diagram. Make sure you have to unplug your jumpers from RXd and TXD of your HC-05 module before uploading the code to Arduino Uno.

Now you have to download the Bluetooth Terminal App in your smartphone. Then you have to pair it with HC-05 module. If you successfully pair your samrtphone with HC-05 you will see the Temperature and Humidity data coming from DHT22 sensor

Step 5: Project Code and Video

Here in above video you can watch it out in action of this project .

and here is link to download of our code GitHub Link

If have any doubt regarding this project feel free to comment us below
or you can mail us on info@deligence.com And if you want to learn more about these type of project then feel free to visit our youtube channel

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