Make Dad a dinosaur vase for his desk with a toy found at the thrift store!

Step 1: Cut Out a Portion of the Back & Paint It

I found one for a buck at the thrift store, cut out a portion of the back with box cutters, spray painted it turquoise with a coat of clear to seal and popped in an air plant. The longest part of this project is waiting for the spray paint to dry and the hardest part is cutting out the square portion for the plant.

Step 2: Insert a Plant & You're Done!

It does sound kinda weird to have a plastic dino on your desk with a plant or flowers popping out its back but, believe me, it sure will make you smile!
Cheap, easy and effective. Dig one out of your kid's toy box or find one at the thrift store and customize it to the color that suits Dad. It'd be cute to hang a tiny tie around it's neck! :)
Go make one!  



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