DITTOBLOX- Cool Toy "Blocks" That Spark Creativity!!!

Introduction: DITTOBLOX- Cool Toy "Blocks" That Spark Creativity!!!

Created by Brian Finn, father of two young children, the inspiration for DITTOBLOX came about more than two years ago when his children chose to stack towers with paper cups rather than playing with their new video game system.   “I realized that there was an opportunity to improve the design of building block toys,” said Finn.
The seeds for DITTOBLOX were planted, sketches were made, digital prototypes were created, materials and manufacturing processes were evaluated.  Ultimately, a honeycomb shape was chosen and refined.  DITTOBLOX can be stacked in ways that traditional blocks cannot, and will be made from recycled plastic milk jugs in the USA.
Finn has found that many toy companies are focused strictly on predictable profits and often depend on licensing the latest blockbuster movie – putting the characters from the movie on what are really the same old products.   "I took my working prototypes to the toy industry trade show in NYC and had some strong interest from meetings with numerous big toy company executives,” says Finn.  “After attempting to license the patent pending design, I discovered that there was just too much risk and investment required for big toy companies to conduct focus groups, design packaging, advertise and manufacture an unproven product line – even one they were excited about, like DITTOBLOX." 
DITTOBLOX has received orders directly from retailers, but not quite enough to offset the startup cost of tooling and manufacturing
Winning the Jack Daniels Independence Contest will prove that a well-designed new product can quickly become a reality. The prize money will be used for tooling, the first production run, a non-provisional patent, and product samples (a portion of which will be donated to schools to inner city schools).Thank you very much for taking a look:0)
For more info contact: BRIAN FINN, DITTOBLOX@gmail.com, 617.935.9309

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