DIY 0$ Microscope Using Your Mobile Camera!



Watch the video to see how it's done in action!

As you saw in the video, it's very powerful with no cost! You just need a steady holder so you can enjoy it!

I will show how to make a steady holder in another post.

You need a 3D printer or without...

you need a CD or DVD lens from an old drive and thats it!

Step 1: How It's Done..

First take the lens out, and treat it like a princess.

Take your measurements for the lens and the mobile you will use.

design the lens holder on your preferred modeling software. I use Fusion 360.

Print it..

Mount the lens on the holder.

Mount the holder and make sure the lens is exactly in place.

Enjoy your Microscope!

Check my other posts, you may find something you like :)



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