100% Recycled Desk Bin

Introduction: 100% Recycled Desk Bin

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As its almost the end of the day on a friday in the office I thought I would get creative........while being enviromently friendly at the same time lol

such a simple thing and tidies up my office desk and also adds a little personailty to it

and it saves the planet and if thats not enought its FRRREEEEEEEEE!! not a penny spent

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Step 1: Where to Start....

This came to me when i was productivly orginising my desk at work........sort of lol

Some of the cleaning wipes I have handy to clear any spills or mess come in a 18cm tall plastic tub, most people will have seen these ( and this can also be used for tissue boxes i should add)

Needless to say with these im a clean freak but now these have run out to save throwing away the container and risk it not being recycled I thought of a better use for it

Step 2: Pop the Top....

title for this step says it all really, once your container is empty, peel off the sticker ( if you want this is not 100% needed ) then simply pop off the top and if you dont want to persnalize your tub your done lol

For the sake of argument I will assume most of you want to.........so proceed to next step

Step 3: Find a Picture....

now your bin is almost complete........

I used google and paint to create a picture to cover my "bin" with and making sure people know its mine and its not accidentlly thrown away over the weekend, but you can use any picture, family pictures, movie pics, wallparers.......even use craft foam and get really creative

Using miss printed paper that came from the photocopier ( oh yes recycling all the way here ladys ;) ) I printed 2 pages to fit around the tub/bin

Step 4: Measure and Cut...

Now simpally measure your tub and cut out the width around where the sticker used to be ( this will normally have a flat surface and easy to measure due to the edges

once you have the edges drawn, cut them out and you should have 2 thick strips

Step 5: Tape, Tape and More Tape.....

Then I taped the 2 pictures together and taped one end on the tub, wrapped the picture around the tub and again with clear tape, stuck the other iend down

( note you dont need to go mad here, i used 3 small pieces of tape on this while instructable )

Step 6: Finished

Now your done

You have saved the human race, all the animals, the planet and frankly the universe with your recycling skills

Best part is any mess and off cuts can go stright in your new desk bin lol

Enjoy all

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    4 years ago

    cool instructable!