DIY 10W LED Lamp





We will learn how to manufacture 10W LED bulb.

Using simple tools and Components

Step 1: Components of the Project

1- We will use 10 power LEDs ,Each LED value is 1 Watt with Heat Sink Aluminum Base

2- With driver

3- Then we prove all those components on a piece of aluminum.

and other tools

Step 2: Steps to Implement the Project

1- Soldering 10Pcs LEDs on heat sink aluminum base.

2- Testing each LED with 3.3V , 230 mA.

3- cutting 9pcs Aluminum slices 3cm * 1cm.

4- make a hole in each aluminum slice.

5- Each aluminum slide will prove a pair of LEDs.

6- Soldering the LEDs in series.

7- Testing LEDs strip with 30Volts DC at 300mA.

8- Testing LEDs strip with the driver.



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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Good ideas about the assembly. The idea that it is 10watt needs to be expanded I think as although each led consumes 1watt hence 10 is 10 watts, the amount of light emitted varies. Some leds emit more lumens per watt than others and it is the lumens which we see.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi kcraske

    each Led give us 100 lumins

    i measure the intensity of light by light meter in the distance of 1 meter , its about 400 LUX

    Thanck you