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Introduction: DIY 12v Mini Table Saw

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In this instructable I am going to make a mini powerful table saw out of a bunch of MDF sheets,a 12v DC motor from an old viper mechanism of a car and some UPVC pipes.

This mini table saw is very small but still it has bunch of power to make a good amount of cut through relatively thick wood.

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Lets get building.....


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Step 1: Parts

To start with we have cut down the required size parts from a 8 mm thick MDF sheet. The top measures 12 inch in square while the motor mount is made up of 3 pieces of MDF sheet.

Step 2: Motor and Motor Mounting

The motor that is used in this project is a 12v DC motor from the viper mechanism of old cars. This motor is easily available cheaply from any auto parts shop and has alot of power for the subjected task.

The motor mount is made out of MDF sheet and the motor is mounted to it using four nuts and bolts.

Step 3: Motor and Motor Mount

I have used a custom made motor adapter to mount the cutting blade on the motor. This adapter is specifically made to fit the 6m motor shaft and have the same coupling as of a small size angle grinder so that we may use the same cutting blade as available for an angle grinder.

Step 4: Blade Cavity

The cutting blade cavity is made by frist drilling a bunch of 2mm holes in the top and then making a straight cut using a jig saw. The motor along with the blade is inserted to check the clearance.

Step 5: Mounting the Motor

The motor is now glued to the bottom of the top plate using super glue.Two side supports are used to ensure that everything is firmly held in its place.

Step 6: Making the Base

The base of the table saw is made out a four 1/2 diameter UPVC pipes and a 8 inch square piece of MDF sheet. First four pieces of pipes are cut down using a hand saw having a length of 4.5 inches and then glued to the base plate.

Now this part is glued to the bottom side of the top plate ensuring that symmetry on each side is maintained.

Step 7: The Side Support/cutting Support

The side support is made out of MDF sheet such that it slides over the top of the table saw and can be fixed at any point by tightening two side screws.

Since MDF IS soft material so I have applied super glue to the sides of the top plate so that whenever i tight the screws that didn't damage the side of the top plate.

Step 8: Measuring Scale

The measuring scale is made by sticking some 1 inch wide white stickers along the two sides of the table top and then both the sides are marked using a measuring scale.

This measuring scale helps us to make precise cuts without using a measuring tape each time before making a cut.

Step 9: Wiring Everything

Since the table saw is powered by a 12v DC adapter so the wiring procedure is quiet simple.The power coming form the input jack goes through a switch to the motor.

Step 10: End Results

The end results are pretty good.The finished table saw is small enough to easily fit on a desktop table and its really light weight. Regardless of all that this mini table saw has got enough power to make cut in the wood upto the cutting height of the blade easily.

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14 Discussions


3 days ago

Great idea - also the car wiper motor as a source of cheap motors is a useful piece of info. That said, PLEASE find a better way to mount spinning blades, like thick blocks of wood and bolts and also a spindle adaptor specific for this blade diameter (they are cheap on ebay ) . Fix this and you got a good intructable - the way it is now it can cripple/kill you.

where can I find this adapter?

See a car scrap demolition center to get a nice fast Viper ;-)))

please show how to make a remote control drone i am a big fan of you DIY KING:)

That´s a good idea but I'm a bit concerned about super glue to hold the motor support. I'd like to see epoxi, at least or wood glue with some screws.


8 months ago

What motor did use? Window wiper or power window motor?


8 months ago

The design is awsome, but you need to find a way other than glue to join the pieces together. The way you build it, it is dangerous.

I would prefer to see some sort of enclosure around the underside blade, that looks rather dangerously exposed.

Other than that it's a great, simple idea.

Those legs, simply glued end on to the wood look quite scary to me. I'd worry about the whole platform collapsing sideways while the blade is spinning. Perhaps some end flanges around the poles glued and screwed into place would sort that out.

1 reply

Yea if i make this I will probably use a hole saw and hammer the pvc into the holes (or use large bolts)