DIY 12v Car E-Cig / Box Mod




Here is my box mod that uses 12v car cigarette lighter socket as a power source.

I built it from stuff I had lying around so it may not be the best nor the prettiest but it vapes like a beast!

depending on the thread you are using (510 or 510/ego) you can use any tank with this mod, but I recommend only using drippers or other rebuildables.

This mod does not have any safety features! You build and use this device at your own risk as using wrong types of resistors may cause them to burn/blow up.

This build may not be the best and could be done in other ways but this is what I came up with so any improvement suggestions are welcome!

Step 1: Tools&Components

Tools you are going to need:

- Soldering iron + solder (Duh)

- Glue gun

- A drill and drill bits

- side cutters and pliers

Components you are going to need

- A project box

- 12v cigarette lighter plug

- Wire that can handle some current

- a switch (push button) that can also handle some current

- IRLB3034PBF Mosfet (if you want to use any switch you want)

- 510 / ego thread

- Led of some sort

- Resistor for the led (about 500 Ohm)

- High power/wattage resistors (I used 5x 5W 5,6Ohm)

- Something to replace the old fuse in the 12v connector as 10Amps may not be quite enough.

Step 2: Circuit

It's a pretty simple circuit but may need some explaining.

I haven't yet measured what the actual output power is so results may vary.

Starting with the resistors.

You need them to drop the voltage and current down to a safe level to vape on and the reason the resistors have to be high power/wattage is because all the current that the atomizer uses is running through the resistors and they heat up as well and a regular 1/2 W resistor would not stand the heat and could simply burn or blow up.

As I mentioned before, I used 5x5W 5,6Ohm resistors in parallel to get resistance of about 1 Ohm and 25W of power handling. If you don't know how to calculate right size and amount of resistors, use parallel resistor calculator (Google it)


So if you have 1Ohm build on your tank/dripper/atomizer and 1Ohm resistance in the device you get around 72 watts of power on the device, which means you have 36 watts on both, the atomizer and the resistors in the device.

  • Edit: Now that I have used this mod for some time, I found that if you want to vape anything below 1Ohm and really get good clouds, the resistors in the box should be less or about the same Ohm as the attys' setup is.

You can use higher wattage resistors or add more power resistors in parallel to increase the amount of power/amperage the mod can handle without heating up as rapidly as with only 25W. Just remember that adding more resistors in parallel will decrease resistance and increase the voltage on the atomizer and may cause too hot vape to your liking.

For the LED to work properly you need a resistor in front of it to limit the voltage.

Google for led resistor calculator if you want accurate value for the resistor.

Step 3: Box&Finalizing

Again pretty simple. Just drill right size holes for the switch, LED and 510 Thread.

I don't have pictures of these steps because I came up with the idea of making this tutorial too late.

For finalizing touches use some hot glue on the components to prevent short circuits and to keep everything in place.

Don't bother to use glue on the resistors because they will heat up and just melt the glue again.



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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Pretty neat! Check out my diy for a wiring time saver. I bet it would help you, and feel free to vote?


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Sort of like the DRV, except you can use a regular atty. You need to drill out the holes on that Tobh though. I slotted mine until it was almost Doge like airflow.

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    DRV is what got me inspired to build this mod :D
    I'm planning on drilling those holes because the airflow is not quite enough for really big clouds.
    I have tried 0.2 ohm 0.5 mm kanthal build with this mod, but with those resistors in the mod there is not enough power. I got a bit crazy with it and tried without any resitors at all... I can safely say that I do NOT recommend 12+ volts on 0.2 ohm build xD, but what I can say is that with right setup that thing can put out some crazy clouds! :D

    If there is no additional resistance, quick calculation says that with 0.2 ohms and 12 volt car battery this mod draws about 60A Amps and can put out about 720 Watts of power!