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Hello There!

Safety is the Key point on today's Overcrowded & Messy roads. 2-Wheelers are small enough to miss in Rear view mirrors or get shadowed among other traffic. Unfortunately, not having many safety features like Airbags, ABS, Collision prevention etc makes these worse.

One Simple way to make your scooter/Bike safer is to increase Conspicuity, That means "Being seen"

Today I will Guide you to add Simple DIY LED DRLs on your scooter or Bike or any kind of 2-wheeler in a simple & Cost effective manner. There is no wire cutting and warranty shall be preserved.


Please observe Local Traffic rules & Regulations before putting extra Lights on your Vehicle. These are DRLs, which do not come under purview of Headlight laws, but you still may need some research if you can install DRLs in your State.

I or the Instructable won't be responsible for any consequences of Building, Using or Installing such Lights.

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Step 1: Tools Required


1>5050 or 5730 LED Strips (Waterproof). I recommend using white ones only

2> Engine start or DRL sensor


1> Soldering Kit

2>Glue Gun

3> 3M automotive adhesive tape

4> Regular tools like screw drivers, Plliers, Cutters etc

5> User & service manual for your vehicle.

6> Multi Meter.

7> Some Copper wire.

Step 2: Plan It Out & Install

1> Sit & Think. As every vehicle is Unique, you shall have to plan it how & where to install the DRLs. In my Scoot, I just put them upfront making an Attractive 'V' Shape that Looks great as well as highlights the width of vehicle.

2> Refer to your Vehicles User/Service Manual for instructions on How the Gain access to the battery & other parts. Refer to a reputed Mechanic if you are not comfortable with it yourself.

3> Connect the DRL sensor. This is just too easy. The Wires from DRL sensor Directly go to the battery terminals. No need to splice any Factory or Headlight wiring. The sensor works by studying the voltage pattern of the battery. Once the engine is started & Alternator kicks in, The Sensor starts forwarding power to DRLs. When the Vehicle is turned off, Sensor goes off. Very simple.

4> Prepare the LED DRLs. Solder enough length of wire to get to the sensor. It's also recommened to have an Inline fuse. My DRL sensor came with fuse Inbult. Route the wire so that they're out of sight as well as safe. Make sure that Wires will not get caught among any moving or rubbing parts.

5> Stick the LED strips at your desired location. I have used 3m 2 sided tape. DO NOT trust the adhesive backing of LED strips. Its just not good.

6> Connect the LED wires to DRL sensor and test! Make sure everything works as intended before sealing the vehicle. Take a spin and check operation on Bad roads as well as at different speeds.

Step 3: And That's Beautiful !

Sit back & Admire or Just go for a spin!

Your Scoot is not just safer but looks eye catching as well. Please post your comments & Pics in section below.

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    3 years ago

    I am in NY USA, & I would also run into issues with this if I used the lights for forward lighting. I am planning on using the RGB leds on the underside of gas tank, & fenders for an lighting effect. I will be doing a very similar build to what you have done. I will try to make my own instructable on how I get mine to work.


    3 years ago

    Svaka cast dobro je


    3 years ago

    Interesting, but I wonder if you could get away with it in other countries?

    In the UK, there are rules about the angle that headlights shine so that you don't dazzle other drivers. I have a feeling that the curve of your faring would break those rules, with the top of the strips shining into other drivers' eyes.

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago


    We do have similar Rules Here. Headlight bulb should'nt exceed 55/60w. You are required to use LOW beams in City. The Low beams shall have glare shields and Headlamp design should be such to prevent Blinding of oncoming traffic.

    Clearly, These are DRLs and hence don't come in Pureview of headlamp Rules. India does not have DRL rules in place. Polite DRLs for the sake of safety are encouraged.


    Reply 3 years ago

    DRL Relay-



    3 years ago

    Nice Mod! Wish we could do such in Germany. But regulations are too strict, to apply not harmonised stuff on vehicles.
    Enjoy your ride!

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago


    I wish we had German Autobhans in India!. Well anyways! Enjoy whats good.