DIY : 2 in 1 Flower Vase / Pen Stand- Recycled Craft With Newspapers and Toilet Paper Roll


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Aside from the flowers, it would also be nice if we have lovely vases too :) :) With that, it would be a complete package of beauty. I know you think that it is really simple to DIY flower vase. And guess what, you are actually right , you can make a beautiful flower vase or pen stand with Newspapers and Toilet paper roll... Yayyy

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Step 1: Materials Required

  • Newspaper Tubes
  • Round Object
  • Toilet Paper roll
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Small piece of Cardboard

Step 2: Making Circles

  • Make newspaper tubes
  • Flatten them with scissor , take a round object and make a circle with two newspaper tubes.
  • I made a 4* 4 base , so i needed 16 cirlces.

Step 3: Forming Base

  1. Now take a newspaper tubes and fold them into small strips .
  2. Insert the strip into two circles and measure them and cut the rest of the strips to the same length.
  3. Now glue these strips to each other.
  4. Paint them after they dry

Step 4: Making Holder

Take a toilet paper roll , glue it to a piece of cardboard. at the base and cut the excess.

Glue the flattened newspaper tubes around it.

Paint the toilet paper roll .

Glue it to the base once it dries.

Make a hole in apece of cardboard and glue on back side and hang it..

Now insert flowers / pen to make it as a flower vase / penstand :) :)

Yaayy!!! A beautiful piece out of waste materials is done!!1

Happy crafting!!!

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