DIY 240W Bench Power Supply Tutorials 0V to 24V 0 to 10A

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Hi Guy.Today i will show you how to DIY 240W Bench Power Supply Tutorials 0V to 24V 0 to 10A with LCD voltage and current meter. This project attach the youtube video and schematic for you can understand what did i do for make it. Thanks you very much

Step 1: Watch This Video From Youtube

I make this video for you can easy understand what did i do for make this, in this video have some Advertising. Hope you like my video.

Step 2: Make the Schematic

This schematic i make from eagle software. The main IC is TL494 or( KA7500). You can download the file PDF of schematic here

Step 3: Make PCB by Upload Gerber File to the JLCPCB.COM

Go to for make PCB online

Only 2$ /10pcs for 2 layer PCB and Big Discount on First order Shipping Upload your gerber files and fill in Shipping Adress then click PAY.

Step 4: Received Your PCB After 2 Day

The PCB look great and so beauty

Step 5: Order the Component

List of part here:

You can buy it from any electrical store.

1 x TL494 ( KA7500)
1 x MUR 860 Diode

2 x 5.1kilo ohm resistor

1x 3.3 kilo ohm resistor

2 x 1 kilo ohm resistor

1 x 3v led

1 x 1000uf/50v capacitor

1 x 51 ohm resistor

1 x 100ohm resistor

3 x 1kilo ohm portentiometer

1 x 10 kilo ohm portentiometer

2 x 0.1 ohm 5w resistor

1 x 222 capacitor

1 x DB140 transistor

1 x MJE13009 transistor

1 x 680 ohm resistor

1 x inductor 300uh 10A

1 x big heat sink

Step 6: Solder PCB

Solder all component to PCB. We have the name on the top PCB. So this very easy

Step 7: Check Again.

Check all component were correct.

Step 8: Finish and Test Then Make the Cover Box

I connect with LCD current and voltage meter link here

The power supply from 24V 9A OLD computer modify from 12 to 24V link here

Thank for watching

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Reply 10 months ago

Please don't comment on my project, i show everything i know. I need money for my live


Question 10 months ago

where do i find the gerber file to upload to the pcb factory
i realy would like to do this project

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Answer 10 months ago

Don't use that pcb... this instructable is clearly just an advertisement for their company. Instead use step down buck converters, an lcd multimeter module, and a computer power supply. Some other materials like a case, plugs, potientiometers, ect will be necessary but that is all super simple


Reply 10 months ago