DIY 2WD RC Stunt Car V 2.0



Introduction: DIY 2WD RC Stunt Car V 2.0

About: Hello! . My name is Rafay and i live in Pakistan.I am a kid 13 years old.I like to make new gadgets.I spent many time on my DIY projects.

Hello and welcome to my another instructable .This is the 2nd version of my other instructable :v1.0 .

What is new in v2.0 ?

it has a new transmitter and receiver ,new chasis,charging jack and some other modifications.

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Step 1: Parts Needed



3:A plastic box

4:motors +wheels


6:Charging jack


Step 2:

Cut out the box for your stuff.

Step 3:

Check you motors that they work or not ?

Step 4:

connect the motors wires to each other as in the pic

Step 5:

wire up the other stuff as shown in the wiring diagram.

Step 6:

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