DIY 3-In-1 Hand-Held Fan: Car Cooler, Solder Fume Extractor, Hair Dryer

Introduction: DIY 3-In-1 Hand-Held Fan: Car Cooler, Solder Fume Extractor, Hair Dryer

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This was made with an ultra powerful 12 VOLTS 0.42 AMP fan.

Step 1: How It Was Made

First I soldered long wires to the connector wires on the fan, Then I soldered to the long wires a with the correct polarity to a standard 5.5 millimeter female connector so it could be connected to any male 5.5 millimeter male connector.

This could be powered by any 5.5 mm power jack that delivers 12 VOLTS:

A power supply

A car battery, And more

The shield I put on the fan was from a stereo I took apart (step 3)

Last, I hot glued the fan to an umbrella handle.

Step 2: Car

I wanted to power it with a car battery, But I wouldn't have been able to have enough light in the car for the picture so I did It with my home-made LEDPOD., which has a built in 12 VOLT car adapter.

Step 3: I Also Use This As a Solder Fume Remover

I built a retractable solder fume remover, But when I don't feel like turning it on, Or solder in other places I use this.

Step 4: Extras

Thank you for watching!

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    I added clip instead of stick; cause i can clip it to my bike; car; or my desk when i solder

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    Awesome! Thanks for sharing our picture

    (These are the small things that I talked to you about, Instructable-ize them!)

    Like if I or someone else was to ask u to make a instructable on something would u be willing to try that?


    You can post them here in the comments, Here (link), Or by PM'ing me

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    Ooops, I didn't see your comment...

    Yes, As long as it's rated for 12V

    Thats fine that what i used:
    Do u do instructable requests?