DIY Portable Generator 3-In-One (Electricity From Heat)

Introduction: DIY Portable Generator 3-In-One (Electricity From Heat)

Hello everyone!

After I made a generator-pot and a self running stove-fan, now I made a better device that can:

1- Spread the heat.

2- Light with LED and a flexible arm.

3- Charge your mobile or other devices with USB port

See the video in action.

The Links for the parts are in the video descriptions.

Step 1: How It's Made:

Put the TEG module on the first aluminum sheet with some heatsink paste.

Fix it with some thermal silicone (on the edges only).

Put the other TEG module above the first one with some heatsink paste in between as well (if you want to stack them, or you can put them beside each other).

Drill two holes on the second aluminum sheet from the two sides (one for the temperature sensor wires and one for the power wires).

Put the temperature sensor on the first aluminum sheet and fix it with a drop of heatsink paste then cover it with thermal silicon.

Put the second aluminum sheet on the modules with some heatsink paste in between.

Fix them together with some thermal silicon.

Put the aluminum cooler on the second aluminum sheet with some heatsink paste in between and fix it with thermal silicone on the edges.

Fix the DC motor the way you like.

Fix the temperature unit on the side with some thermal silicone.

Fix the USB power unit with the USB thief on the other side.


Pay attention to the cold side and hot side of the modules.

Choose a motor that needs less current than the one I used.

Choose a thermal silicone and heatsink paste that can handle the temperature or more for safety.

Wire the two TEGs in parallel if you want more current, depends on your configuration and the USB power module.

This particular TEG model can go up to about 250c.

Ask me any question. Ask me if you want my STL file to 3D print the fan.

Have fun!





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    10 Discussions

    i thought some say it bad to wire TEG modules in parallel. It makes them short-out result to damaging the modules.

    1 reply

    How would it short-out if the positive connected to positive and negative connected to negative?

    But i heard some people saying wiring two or more TEG modules in parallel makes them short out, causing to damage

    sir can i see the wiring and schematic diagram of this project polss i really need it its part of our thesis. plss sir .. can i get the wiring diagram of your project ... just send in my email sir . thank you sir ..

    4 replies

    Sure dear, I'll make a draft to show you how it's wired and you can then make it the way you like :)

    I made this draft for you in 3D. The wiring is too easy, just connect the positive and negative of the TEGs in parallel and feed the USB module and the motor.


    1 year ago

    can you post some pictures on how you assemble it with wirings?

    1 reply

    I'm really sorry Wruub. I gave the generator to a friend. But you can watch the video and see how it's assembled. It's not complicated.