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Are you sick and tired of having to buy batteries often to power you're Instructables or other odds & ends that require AA or AAA batteries such as wireless keyboards like this Logitech Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless keyboard, Which the box CLAIMED that it was the best keyboard and used very little battery power and that the batteries should last a while....  They don't folk's.

A week or 2 at best, I use my PC allot and I  love my wireless keyboard without a doubt and I shudder at the thought of going back to a tethered keyboard, so I did the best thing I could think of.
I took an old LG trac phone that was still in working order with a good battery and solved my battery issue.
My battery does not need to be charged but once a month and that is with leaving the power on while not in use. 

This is for the most part extremely simple and should take  no longer then 5 or 10 mins of you're time if everything is on hand when starting. 

Power tools such as Drill's and Saw's can easily hurt you, If you could ask my Ex friend Ray about the time I used him for a Vise, He would tell you that it sucked and DON'T DO THAT. Soldering Irons can cause severe burns and fires, use in a dry area keep any and all flammable liquids away from your work area, And always keep a fire extinguisher close by do not breath in vapors from flux or solder. Use proper care when using your Iron. I am not responsible for any damages to you or your PC ,man or woman cave, bat mobile , motor home, boat, flying saucer, jet aircraft or any other thing you may or may not own should you go forward and do this. As I know about enough to be dangerous.

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Step 1: Tools and Parts


Soldering Iron
Wire strippers
Electrical Tape
Helping Hands


Working Cellular Phone with battery and charger.
I used a Molex connector only because it is what I had on hand as I try to spend little or no money on anything that I make.
You may use any kind of 2 lead connector.

Step 2: Phone AKA Battery Charger

Here is the LG Tracfone that I used for this project. Any old or newer phone that you don't use for you're service will work, be sure the phone has a good battery and charger.

As stated before this battery here will last 30 days or better of hard gaming and typing in general on a full charge.

Step 3:

Every Lithium ion Cellular phone battery has Positive and negative  clearly marked on the battery.
As I have already built this battery I am using some  older photo's to guide you along.

Here I put a very small amount of flux on the Positive and Negative terminals.
Strip and Tin you're wires and solder to the battery use as little solder as the battery will fit into the phone for recharging.
once wire are secure tape them down good with a few wraps of Electrical Tape check fit into phone for recharging.

This project is now complete.
Thus I shall never have to buy AA batteries for simple things like my keyboard or an custom mod MP 3 player or my other Instructable projects, there is a huge list of applications that could benefit from recycling these batteries and also keep these little toxic bad boys out of the environment .

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    10 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I must be missing something, how do I hook that molex+phone battery up to a device that requires AA, AAA batteries?

    3 replies

    You do not have to use a molex connector, It is just what I had laying around at the time. any 2 pin connector should work just fine.

    Another update! Still using the same battery & charger I still get about 3 weeks of use before charging is needed. I have save tons of cash this way, no need to buy stupid batteries NO MORE! >:) Evil grin Ensues....

    Just an update for any who care.... I am still only charging this battery once a month, And I have not spent 1 penny on stupid AA batteries for this keyboard in the last 7 months. Yeah I think I will use the money I saved to buy myself something cool :D



    6 years ago

    Thats lithium ion not lithium polymer, theres a difference!!!

    1 reply