DIY 3D Christmas Ornament

Introduction: DIY 3D Christmas Ornament

Hi all! Today I show you DIY 3D Christmas Ornament!
DIY 3D Christmas Ornament will bring an art ambiance and contemporary feeling to your homestead. The curves and the Ogee shape will definitely awe people that expect the classical dull representation of a snowflake when you tell them you decorated your home with some felt models. Its beauty is only surpassed by its simplicity, making it one of the most ingenious decorations you will make this Christmas.

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Step 1: Materials Required!

I am in love with the curves and the "Ogee" shape of this design. It amazes me that it is created from a square and a few straight cuts.
Cut one 23cm x 23cm square of felt. (For a piece this large, the felt needs to be pretty stiff, such as this 3mm wool felt. A 2mm thick felt would also work well, but I suggest decreasing the overall scale of the design for better stability). Mark a line diagonally across the square from corner to corner.

Step 2: Using a Straight Edge and an Xacto Knife, Cut Along the First Line From the Corner to About 1/4" From the Diagonal Line.

Repeat until all cuts have been made, keeping the felt intact at each corner on the diagonal line.

Step 3: Lift the Corners of the Center Square and Glue the Ends Together.

Turn the piece over and lift the corners of the second square. Overlap the points and glue together at each point.
Continue turning the piece over, until all squares are glue.

Step 4: Happy Holidays!

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