DIY 3D Pop Up Wedding Invitation

Introduction: DIY 3D Pop Up Wedding Invitation

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I love Pop-ups as these gives life even to a simple card. It is truly magical when we see our creation jumping to life. Once mastered the trick, pop-ups are very easy to create. All you need is time, patience and some imagination. For creating a decent pop-up, you just can use the things available right at your home.

I have created a model of how exactly a pop-up wedding invitation will look like. I have only used basic things like white papers, sketch and color pencils for this project. And with few bucks spent on glitters and gold sketch, you can create your own rich sparking invitation.

Materials Required

Thick White Paper - 2

Pencil, Eraser and Scale - 1 each

Craft Knife /Blade -1

Crayons and Sketch - as required

Flower decorations - as required

Pins - as required

Gum - 1

Cello tape - 1

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Step 1: Folding and Planning Our Pop-up Image

Take a full size thick white paper and fold it into half. Then, fold again one inch from both sides as shown in the above image.

Next, we have to plan our pop-up image. For this, slightly draw an outline like a semicircle on one side of the thick paper. This is where we will be drawing one of our pop up image.

Step 2: Draw the Outline of the Pop-up Image

Since this will be a wedding invitation, I thought planning to draw bride and bridegroom would seem to be like a good idea. So, carefully outline the image with pencil strokes inside the semicircle we drew in step 1.

Step 3: Extend the Image to the Other Side

To add more precise look for the wedding invite, extend further to draw hearts linking from the top bride and bridegroom's image. This will ensure to give a fulfilling look and that's how I liked it. You can even draw flower bouquet instead of hearts and it's up to your personal choice of how you wanted your card to be.

Step 4: Cut Out the Pop Ups

Next, with the help of the craft knife carefully cut the image of bride and bridegroom as well as the hearts. These two image will be the pop-ups of our card.

Place another thick white paper of the same size below our first top thick paper. Let's name it as the bottom paper. This paper will cover the holes created by the pop-ups cut in the top paper and will give a wholesome look.

Step 5: Create the Stand for the Pop-ups

To make our pop-ups to be in place, we need to create a stand for them. For the top bride and bridegroom pop-up, I used the middle part where there is empty space in between the couples for the stand. Cut it three fourth toward the bottom , then fold it and finally stick it to the bottom paper.

Similarly, use a small rectangle paper folded into half with one half glued to the backside of the heart and the other side glued to the bottom paper.

Step 6: Write the Invite for the Card

This is the main part of our card where we cordially invite friends and family for the celebration by specifying the date,time and place. You can directly write the details on the empty space but I chose a slightly elevated way for the invite. Writing in gold pen/sketch will make a perfect wedding invitation but since this card is a sample model, I chose to do it in pencil itself.

Step 7: Now, Give the Invite an Elevated Look

For to achieve this, you need to fold a long rectangular thick paper like a bench (see the above image). Then, place the folded paper upside down and glue it in the place where our invite will go. Now,place the invite over the folded ends and glue it together. Finally, we have given our invite an elevated look.

Step 8: Paste Both the Top and the Bottom Paper.

I have already mentioned in step 4 that we place another paper, say the bottom paper below the top paper. Now, it's time to glue them together into one.

You can glue it even in step 4 itself if you want to. I had taken this long only to ensure I have had things in place since I was planning what should go on the top part just in case if I had to change my idea. But having covered all that it necessary for the top part, I choose to glue it now.

Step 9: Designing the Front Part

You can design the front part to look flowery with red craft flowers and a thread to tie the card in place. the green thread is to lock the card and in step 11, I have another way to lock the card instead of the thread.

Step 10: The Look 1 - Simple Pop-up Wedding Card

The working of a simple 3d pop up is shown through the above image with simple decoration.

You hand over the card to someone who release the thread to open it. Inside, the pop-ups comes to life along with the written invitation for the wedding.

Step 11: The Look 2- Adding a Lock

Instead of thread, we can also add a lock model to the wedding card. For this, glue a small and long rectangular paper on to the front part. Then, with another long paper create a latch by inserting one end in between the top and the bottom paper, the other end will pass through the hole in the front side.

Step 12: Add Some Colours to the Card

I used coloured pencils to give some colour to the inside part of the card. I chose to leave the face of both bride and bridegroom empty as it added unique look to the card. You can also personalize it by adding/embedding the couples face on it.

Step 13: The Look 2- Opening of Pop-up Wedding Card

The opening of this card design is through a lock model similar to hook and latch. And releasing the lock, opens up the card and our pop-ups arise along with the written invitation.

Step 14: The Final Look

This DIY card is very easy to make and gives a personalized 3D look to your Wedding Invitation.

The card can be extended further adding more colors or polished look adding glitters and gold tone. The couples face can be added on to pop-up bride and bridegrooms image to give a highly personalized look. It will make a lovely invitation with simple things available right at home, saving you lots of money and also adding your own personal touch to the wedding invitation.

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    that looks like a really good pop up wedding invitation that you have produced.


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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very pretty. Impressively complex, but with a simple presentation. Nice work!


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Neat and Nice :).. Making own invitation ll gives you more happiness..