DIY 3D Printed Gengar Pokemon

Introduction: DIY 3D Printed Gengar Pokemon

If Pikachu is the symbol of the pokemon universe and one of the cutest creatures ever, then Gengar is a “bad to the bone” type of guy. He is a creature born from the shadows of death, but has a charismatic smile. It is considered to be relatively rare pokemon. In my opinion, this model looks better than Pikachu. but both will make great gifts for pokemon collectors or fans of pokemon games.

The model is free for downloading in the adam.jech store at You can make one using your own 3D printer or you can order it through Treatstock’s 3D printing network.

What you will need:

3D printed model of Gengar

Paint brushes

Acrylic paint

Protective clear coat spray

Step 1: 3D Printing Gengar

Order the model at the adam.jech store by following the instructions on Treatstock’s 3D printing network.

Step 2: Painting Gengar

First, put on the primary layers using acrylic paint. Then, paint it according to the video. Remember, you can paint the pokemon with any color/colors you prefer.

Step 3: Finishing

Wait until the paint dries, then cover the model with a protective clear coat. After it dries, "go" and enjoy your new pokemon! Don't forget to check out my store for other cool 3D printable models.

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