DIY 3D Projection Mapping With VDMX




Introduction: DIY 3D Projection Mapping With VDMX

Hello, my name is Dominic, or Doctype. I am a music producer and visual artist of sorts. Earlier this month (JAN 2nd 2014) I was booked to play a show and wanted to do more than the typical show. So I decided to try my hand at 3D Projection mapping. I stumbled onto a software titled VDMX, which offer the ability to manipulate the video composition, allowing mapping onto 3 dimensional objects. With the software in hand I set out to build something cost effective, visually stimulating, easy to transport, and a breeze to setup. Here are the results.
Download The VDMX Template Here

Step 1: Design and Supplies

Here is a short list of supplies I used to build this 3D Mapped Panel Rig.
Foamcore Panels- (2)30"x40" (4)20"x30"
Plastic, stackable Crates
Cable Ties

A Projector and Computer capable of running VDMX

For my design, I wanted something lightweight, easy to transport, versatile, and of course nice and bright. The solution was foam core panels, which I bought at my local hobby shop. The large panels cost $8 dollars while the smaller panels cost $6. 6 Panels were purchased in total. 2 - 30"X40" and 4 - 20"x"30".

Step 2: Build

I arranged the panels then taped them together in a way as to allow folding, yet when unfolded remained seamless.

Use cable or outdoor ties to tie the crates together, adding stability. You may also add weight to the crates during setup.

I applied velcro strips to the back of the panels as well as to the plastic crates. Then carefully mounted the panels onto the crates.

Situate the projector and you are ready to map!

Step 3: Using VDMX to Map the Object

Now that the panels are in position, lets open our template and get to mapping.
Download The VDMX Template Here
Here is an extensive video and documentation for using my 3D Mapping Template for VDMX (Daibatec).

Here is a demonstration video of the capabilities of the template and VDMX 3D Projection Mapping!

Happy Mapping friends!
Contact for any questions.



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    I'm looking for a team to collaborate with to submit to this contest on behalf of my organization Truth Pharm.

    This takes place in my home town. I have some concept ideas, but do not have the animation or video producing skills. The project I am thinking of will portray the struggles of addiction, the beauty of recovery and loss, but in an abstract way. Last year LUMA had about 25,000 visitors and it will be bigger this year. There is a $5000 prize for the best submission, the competition is going to be serious. So, I'm looking for a team to collaborate with. We can split the winnings evenly with my split being donated to Truth Pharm. I'm looking for serious talent in 3D mapping or the ability to learn it quick if you are already a video artist. Please share or send to your contacts! The first phase of the competition is (stupidly) July 15th and they just announced the contest.

    If you feel you cannot do this - as your level of experience is too high, or you're too busy, etc. Do you have any contacts, friends, colleagues, employees or interns who may be interested?

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    what program would you recommend for a pc? VDMX appears to be a mac only software

    pls i need to download the vdmx5 free and i couldn't find it so can you help me

    this is really cool. thanks for sharing, man!

    This is wonderful work. I've been in the thirst to do something like this for a long time and you showed me how. And you've done an excellent job with making this. Thanks so much for sharing this. :)

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    same here! I have been wanting to do a basic audio sensitive visuals for my set. This is going to be more than basic ... Thank you Dominic.