DIY 3D Puzzle

Introduction: DIY 3D Puzzle

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Hii,today i am going to make 3D puzzle it is very easy and glue & tape free you can search online for 3D puzzle and buy them.
If you are from India you can buy puzzle from the following links
3D model of Titanic

3D model of House

3D model of Taj Mahal

3D model of Eiffel Tower

3D model of BIG BEN

3D model of Colosseum Rome

3D model of Empire State Building

3D model of Sydney Opera House

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Step 1: An Important Step

Before starting the puzzle take screw driver for a forceps and open the spaces made to insert the other puzzle pieces.Tear the puzzle packaging and take out all the puzzle pieces and a model photograph also be there.

Step 2: Start Making the Puzzle

Start making the puzzle with the Base connect the larger parts first like mine i have first insert the tree into the base then go to small pieces of the puzzle

Step 3: Finished 3D Puzzle

The above picture is of my tree house puzzle & my some other 3D puzzle,these puzzles are good and take very short period of time to build up.So try them

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