DIY 3d Printed IPod Nano Watch

Introduction: DIY 3d Printed IPod Nano Watch

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Soon after ordering an iPod nano 6 generation watchband from amazon, the order got cancelled, so I had an idea - just design my own! So I designed this cool band for my iPod nano.

Step 1: Download!

Go to Thiniverse and download all files (It is all my work).

Step 2: 3D Print!

3D print the watch mount! Be careful when removing, cleaning (the supports) and installing this mount onto your iPod nano. Use 100% infill to make this mount more rigid, as it is very bendy and fragile at first, but when it is installed, it is very sturdy! Also PLEASE use supports to print this thing! The width of the watchband should be 18mm wide in order to fit this mount. However, if your watchband doesn't fit, upload this thing to tinkercad or any other program, select all, and click ungroup. This will make the mount fall into different individual components. Make the lugs smaller or bigger in width, depending on your needs. Please remember to group them all before printing!

Step 3: Installing!

Find some watchbands (preferably 18mm wide at the point were the mount on to the watch). If your lug pin doesn't fit the lugs on my design, don't worry! Find a corresponding drill bit in width of the very tip (not the middle of the lug pin!) and make the holes in lugs bigger. Make sure the the watchband fits, snap it in, and you are almost done!

Step 4: Snap in the Nano!

Very carefully, snap in the iPod nano into the watch mount.

Step 5: And You Are Done!

Now when you are done, put it on and wear it with pride and show off to your friends! Here is a video found on YouTube that explains why your new IPod nano watch is better than the Apple watch! If you like this project, please vote for me in the Clocks contest!

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