DIY PCB 4 Channel IR Remote Controller

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in this posting, i can share PCB 4 channel remote controlled with IR sensor, using atmega 328, programmed with arduino uno R3.

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Step 1: Try Sketch Remote Controller ON Board Arduino Uno R3

At first time, i make this on arduino uno R3 board, and i try this, and i used LED to look how this project work.

Step 2: How to Check Remote Code

How to check remote Code ??

i use this sketch to check remote code Klik here, upload to atmega 328, and pressed your remote

Then used serial monitor display the code of remote. its to know what button you pressed.


put the code to second skech Klik Here, and upload again to atmega 328.

this IC atmega 328 ready.

Step 3: Make PCB

Make PCB like picture above, used Transistor NPN for this project like c9013, bc547 etc , R 200 ohm, IN4001 diodes , LED 5 mm for indicator Rellay, Rellay 5 VDC,, and pick up your IC atmega 328 from your board arduino UNO R3, to this PCB.

now your project is finished

Step 4: Finally

For Videos demonstration you can visit my youtube :

dont forget to visit my website :

thank you

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Interesting and nice idea. However: if the relays will power mains voltage devices (120 V, 220 V, etc.) then the design has some serious flaws. 1) For better protection it is better if you used optoisolators to power the relays instead of the transistors. 2) The design of the PCB should have a very well separated "hot" and low voltage regions.

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    thank for your comment, yes i think if i used optoisolator more cheap if i buy Shiled Relay :) ..


    3 years ago

    which program did you use for the PCB design?

    1 reply