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Some of you might have seen this somewhere before from inspiretomake

A super cool DIY project that can make your friends jealous to the point of them paying you just to make one for them! Hahhahahaha Anyways this is an easy project that would require only a few tools and materials. And please vote if you like this project, thanks!

2x .45 / .40 Caliber Shell (USED) duhhh

1x Earphone with wire (BLACK OR WHITE)

1x 3mm Drill bit

1x 10mm Dia. wooden dowel

1x Cordless drill

1x 600-800 grit Sandpaper

Soldering Iron

Metal Polish

Clear coating paint

(Make sure your headphones fit a .45 / .40 caliber shell)

Step 1: Disassemble That Earphone!

There are different types of earphones and in this guide I am using a stock earphone that came from a Samsung note 2.

1. Using a bench vice gently clamp the head of the earphone and gently twist the frame away from the head

2. Grab your Soldering Iron and carefully remove the wires from the terminals (make sure there is a marking for the + and - terminals if there is none, then better take a picture to know which one is which).

3. Cutting the wire would complicate things so better untie the knot and just remove the wire from the old earphone housing

Step 2: Sanding

Lock the 10mm wick inside the drill and Simply fit the wick inside the shell after that get a strip of sand paper and just remove the oxidized surface of the brass shell.

Step 3: Right Size?

As much as possible we would want to make the casing light as possible or else it might tend to loose whenever you put it in your ear, so getting the right size is must~

For my earphone I went with a 12.5mm

(Cutting tip with a hack saw for non drill users "bench vice only") ----Clamp it somewhere on the base area

Dont be afraid clamping the shell into the vice, just make sure its not too tight or else it will deform. Just the right tension to the point wherein it wont move when being cut. Your motion should always be in a single direction, to maximize efficiency of cutting, because if you are beginner in cutting tube metals you will find it hard cutting it the normal way (forward and backward stroke) It is possible to do this but I guess you need to be more experienced.

Step 4: Drill and Polish

I drilled the thing first then I polished it \

Clamp your shell just like in the picture, then drill in a 3mm bit.

Using your own metal polish just do the same process just like sanding step

(OPTIONAL) Clear Coat! if you want to retain its color then you'd want to apply some clear coat.

Step 5: Re Wiring

So basically we are almost done!

What you do now it to put it back all together

from the hole of the shell just wire it up, solder back, make a knot and close!

Step 6: Enjoy!

White or black what do you think? ... I think black is better

Again Credits to Inspiretomake



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4 years ago

I think black looks better, black and gold.


4 years ago on Step 6

Very nice build! Can you wear them on an airplane? LOL!

Great instructable,


1 reply

4 years ago

Great idea! If your child is found with them in school, don't be surprised if he or she is suspended.


4 years ago

Really cool. Well put together.


4 years ago on Introduction

The craftsmanship is awesome, but... doesn't it strike you as a little creepy to walk around looking like a bullet is entering your head?


4 years ago

These are sick! Totally worthy of my vote!


4 years ago

you really have some caliber......
nice it....
BuT won't it be too heavy making it uncomfortable?

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

thanks! there is a possibility for discomfort but it will depwnd on the onw who made it, because the goal here is to cut lt as short and light as possible


4 years ago

good :)


4 years ago

Surely your friends are gonna be jealous :)


4 years ago on Introduction

These turned out looking so great! I remember the ones that were done before, and I like these ones just as good if not better. Keep doing what you're doing!