DIY-A 12V Simple Modem Router Cooling System





Introduction: DIY-A 12V Simple Modem Router Cooling System

As drinking coffee or tea while they are very in high temperature, is very harmful for health, this little project helped me to cool down my coffee or tea cups in a very short time.
Simple,small,beautiful, saving money and electricity, very small power consumption.



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    Interesting! I hate waiting on hot tea to reach a drinkable temperature.

    This project is within the limits of my skills and I have most of the materials. I wonder if the glass base also helps dissipate the heat?

    i am sorry for the problem.
    right now there is something wrong, and the site does not accept the embedding codes.

    please watch this video, on my main channel, later i would embed it here while the site got removed the bug.

    here you go: