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You will need

skirt pattern

bodice block pattern

sleeve pattern



sewing machine






Step 1:

Cut your skirt pattern on fabric then gather the tulle onto the skirt with machine. Once your done trim the excess tulle on the waist if needed. Don't to serge the edges.

Step 2:

Sew the side seams first then finish off the bottom by hemming it.

Step 3:

Serge all edges then sew all darts and side seams of the bodice

next, sew the bodice onto the skirt.

Step 4:

To make the neckline facing pattern match the shoulder width of the front and back pattern together then just simply trace the pattern on new paper like this.

Step 5:

Sew the facing onto the neckline. Flip the facing over and finish the neckline with a topstitch.

Step 6:

Separate the sleeve cap in couple sections between the two sleeve cap marks.

Cut out all pieces.

Step 7:

Draw a line at the bottom to align the pieces.

Glue down the pieces in the same order. Separate each piece by 2 cm or more.

Draft your new sleeve cap.

Add seam allowance and cut your pattern out then cut it on fabric.

Step 8:

Serge the edges and sew the side side seam afterwords.

Next, fold the bottom edge and make a tube then you need to insert the elastic with a safety pin.

Secure the ends with a stitches and close the gap

Now sew a basting stitch on the sleeve cap.

Gather the sleeve cap it should have the same measurement as your armhole.

Step 9:

Sew a basting stitch on the sleeve cap then pull the thread until it has the seam measurement as the armhole

Step 10:

Serge all edges you can hem the edges if you want.

Sew the top part onto the bottom part and the straps onto the top part.



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