I need a means to get rid of this infestation of ants in my Home. Using simple household chemicals I made a concoction to finally kill them all.

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Step 1: A Container.

A shallow container with water is the starting point. I used a spare lid to hold the water.

Step 2: The Bait.

A teaspoon of Brown sugar in the water to lure those bastards.

Step 3: The Poison.

Lye crystals into the sugary water will screw those ants over. See how they already drink from the poison bait?

Step 4: Let Them Drink.

Ah ha. See how they gulp it down? Drink you fools! Haha haha. An hour later they were dead. Good riddance.

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    6 Discussions


    3 years ago

    LMAO! Funniest Instructable I've read so far. Keep those bastards away!

    1 reply
    Callie Lea

    3 years ago

    We've got big black ants climbing up and into our kitchen. I don't like them, even though they are God's little creatures. We have borax and are going to use it. We did like your instructable, however. Made us laugh.

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Replace lye with Borax and you will kill the nest. They will take it to feed the others.

    1 reply