DIY: Adding Extra Grip to a Logitech Keyboard, for a IPad Mini.

Introduction: DIY: Adding Extra Grip to a Logitech Keyboard, for a IPad Mini.

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Got this great Logictech keyboard for my iPad mini and after a couple of months I realized, the case needed some extra grip on the back/bottom of it. To help it really hold any surface I lay it down on. It came out to look very sharp and the material is tough. Hope you enjoy this fun and affective project.

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Step 1: Materials

-Logictech keyboard case. (Or any case)
-RUST-OLEUM: LeakSeal BLACK (flexible rubber coating), aerosol spray can.
-3M: Spray adhesive 61 (Drywall corner bead); or any spray adhesive.
- 1" blue tape (painters tape)
- Latex gloves

Step 2: Taping the Pattern/design.

One (1") blue painters tape work best on most surfaces and comes off easy when dry. I prefer this tape from any other.
1.) Choose a simple but affective pattern, that covers most of all the surface area getting sprayed(bottom).
2.) REMOVE the ipad or tablet from the case your are spraying.
3.) Put the case on come scrap card board or any from the recycling container (paper, etc. ). Place the case on board, making sure the board is 4x or 5x lager then the actual case.
4.) tape your shape or pattern with the blue tape. Make sure to tape/cover ALL that is not getting sprayed. The only thing you should see black (case/color) pattern, created from blue tape.
5,) Press all seems of all the blue tape down and smooth out all seems, that creat the actual pattern. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT STEP, this creat the sharp cut/lines, when dried.
6.) Go thru steps 1-5 and double check all seems before spraying step!

Step 3: Spraying

This step is a comb mix helps the top layer of the spray (rubber/RUSTO/coat) enhance it and hold better to the material the case is made of. (**You can skip the extra adhesive add spray on but why not do it right the first time....)

2.) Make sure all seems(blue-tape) are flush with the case and all sealed.
3.) Shake 3M adhesive can per instructions. Remove cap from can, spray a test spray near side on card board.
4.)Then once use to the spray projection, apply/spray adhesive to pattern/case.
5.) try to apply/spray even coats (2 or 3). From left to right, passing the case and coming back on the case. To give it a good solid coat.
6.) Let this dry well. Must be dry to the touch. (wait 1hr or more per condition)
7.) Wait.... :/
8.) NOW once the adhesive has dried (it will be still wet/sticky), you will follow the exact same steps but using the "RUST-OLEUM: LeakSeal BLACK (flexible rubber coating)", aerosol spray can.

9.) Let dry over night or at least 8 hours for both applications of sprays to fully-dry/cure.

* TIP: Spray and wait 10sec to 15sec between sprays to let RUST-OLEUM rubber settle and decrease.

Step 4: Done

Is it dry? touch it (not the pattern). how does it feel? anything on your finger? There shouldn't be or else someone didn't listen :)

1.) If its dry and the pattern looks firm, slowly and carefully pull BACK the blue tape. VERY important that you pull back with the taping to make sure the tape comes off properly and correctly. to leave a sharp lining to your pattern design.

**ENYJOY, pretty cool huh!? now think of what else needs grip in life (HA). Thanks for caring!**

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    @craftclarity thank you much! It came out very well and the materials are holding out strong still.