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Introduction: DIY Adjustable Bed

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Seeing as how a name brand adjustable bed could cost nearly $5000 I decided to build my own (just like most things) cheaper and stronger.

The end result is as good if not better than buying one and with every good nights sleep you will be glad you didn't shell out the money for something you could build.

Step 1: Fitting the Frames

I used our old frame and bolted it to the hospital to test the fit and movement.

Step 2: Creating the Split in the Lumbar Portion

I cut the center section of the frame to split where the original bed did.

If you were building the frame from scratch you would have more freedom than i did but more welding

Step 3: More Hinges

Since the king size frame is so much larger than a single bed I decided to add strong pivot point in line with the stock hinges and add legs to the non moving section.

Step 4: Wooden Base

Just as the sertas and other brands do I added a plywood base over the frame. with out this the springs would just eat up the foam padding

Step 5: Finished

After this step I wrapped the entire frame in a fitted sheet and put the mattress on.



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    2 years ago

    - Great idea - you could also make this 'narrower' for a 'chair' that one could adjust too. I've not laid down in about 18 years now - and THIS would be a nice change from living in a recliner.

    Thank you. I just rebuilt one very similar to yours. Your design is very nice. I tried a regular mattress and it doesn't bend very well - it crumples just a little bit at the top, which leaves a uncomfortable spot. I see there are many varieties of lucid memory foam mattresses, for example with and without gel and varying thicknesses. Can you tell me which mattress you got, where you purchased it, how you like it, and whether it works well with the adjustable bed? Would you buy the same one again? Thanks!