DIY Aeroponic + Aquaponic + Air-Lift Pump Vertical Farming System




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Using of a 40mm diameter uPVC pipe, create 2 arrays of 32mm holes to accommodate net-pots to growing vegetables, herbs, edibles, etc.using only aquarium wool as growing medium. The root system is house inside the Vertical Farming Pipe. Fish tank water c/w fish waste/poo is fed to the plant as the only nutrients for the plant growth. The vast air space with the plant roots within the Vertical Farming Pipe enable high volume of air-exchange or aerated in full potential with the water dripping within it which encourage oxygen intake by the root for better healthier pant growth.


The 'farming' system is irrigated with dripping aquarium water, containing fish poo to feed all the plants nutrient need to grow plant 'organicaly' without any use of chemical or pesticide. The plant cleanse the poo-water (transform nitrite to nitrate for pant consumption) and return with clean water back to the aquarium tank for the fishes.

Air-Lift Pump

The irrigation system is carry-out by an aquarium air-pump, setup with some tubings arrangement, to lift water from the aquarium tank together with the fish poo, to water the plant root system inside the Vertical arming Pipe. The air pump draws only 4W (use <20% of any normal water pump) to lift water up to a height of 2 meter, drip them from the top of the Vertical Farming Pipe, where the water will continue to drip downward to many other plant below each other before returning back to the aquarium tank, 24/7.


Overall, this system utilize the fish poo as plant nutrient to feed the plant by converting & consuming the poo toxicity hence cleanse the water for the fish, resulting a mini Eco & Sustainable system. Its SUPER low system power consumption coupled with minute foot-print setup, makes it to be one of the highest productive system in comparing to other means of planting!

Below the video details the set up the system in an Instructable manner.

Enjoy the instructable video, if not be entertain by the music & animation!

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DIY Aeroponic + Aquaponic + Air-Lift Pump Vertical Farming System



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