DIY Air Machine Gun

Introduction: DIY Air Machine Gun

About: I like to create things, handmade weapon, arduino projects, science and some crazy staff! Also I like to capturing videos about my projects and I have YouTube channel - MadGyver!

Hello! I've made some air machine gun, (watch video review). Do you like devices like this? I can make super-duper detailed instruction about how to make it =)

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Step 1: Review

GG-1 (GyverGun-1) is built around gas cylinder of montage foam with 11 bars of pressurized air inside. It gives the rifle a power to shoot and also perform as the largest part of rifle's body. Air is pumping through valve for tubeless wheel. Plumbings connect together the cylinder, the tubeless valve and solenoid air valve for car’s air horn. I ve found this one on Chinease aliexpress store. It is really cheap and can open and close the flow of air under pressure about 18 bars. Also it is quick enough to pass a little amount of pressurized gas, so it can be used to create airsoft and strike ball guns. It needs a very high current, so I am using this 3s li-po battery, which can power this valve and open it under 11 bars of pressure. Valve is connected through the mosfet transistor, which is controlled by arduino nano, which opens and closes the valve when I am pressing the trigger button. Using arduino makes possible to tune open delay for valve and also set up semi auto and full auto fire modes. Also arduino controls the servo, it is used for reloading the gun. BB balls are contained in PVC tube and baloon stick, it contains about 100 of them. Barrel is made of balloon stick and couple of aluminium tubes as decoration. Handle is removable to make the rifle more compact and mobile. And this 10x rifle optics is also handmade, I made it of old binoculars.

The rifle easily shoots through the 96 sheets of paper. I think it is not bad, especially with full auto fire mode. 1 bar of pressure allows to make about 12 shots, so I can make about 50 power shots without pumping an air in the cylinder. There are lot of things to upgrade, and I will continue this project.

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