DIY Aircondition





Introduction: DIY Aircondition

Are U sick and tired of too high temperature when U are trying to sleep ?

Step 1: Getting Started

U need: 1 large polystyreen case, 1 polystyreen sheet, 3 tubes of some kind, an old desk fan ventilator and 4-8 frozen bottles of water(1,5 liter). It works excellent, and does not have that annoying feature that hot air needs to be ventilated out of the room. 4 frozen bottles of water gives you 10-12 degrees cold air for 5-6 hours.

Step 2: Watch Those Fingers!

Cut the polystyreen sheet so it fits in a approx 65 degree angle. U should leave 10 cm of space in the bottom, and a tight fit in the top.

Step 3: Ventilation Holes

Cut out 3 holes for the tubus. The 3 tubes are mounted in the side of the box. They should point upwards, as cold air flows downwards.

Step 4: Fan Hole

Mark the diameter of your fan in the lit. Cut the hole.

Step 5: The End

Place the fan over the hole, and enjoy the cold stream of air.
I know this doesn't win any design awards, but it gets the job done.



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    Freeze two two liter coke bottles with water in them and lay those in the cooler and it you will not have to deal with water when it thaws and get a cooler air.

    You could possibly add ice in there... You can find ice tubes (like those we add in whisky glasses) very easily and cheaply.

    nope... not stolen from crazyrussian.

    cause I made it yesterday on my porch. . .

    this looks cool i have the parts but no tine but will try soon