DIY Airgun Out of Blowgun (not PVC)

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Hey everybody!!! This is my "airgun" that I built using an old hunting blowgun, black iron pipe and fittings, along with some Shrader and ball valves. This is super fun to shoot and has considerable range and accuracy. I would say its accurate to about 100 yards... if you have a good enough eyeball to predict a 10ft drop. It only cost about $30. Feel free to check out my video here for a better idea of how to build it.

Step 1: Parts List

Ok, I'm aware that your blowgun might not be the same size as my blowgun and you might need to get creative to make everything fit properly. The blowgun was just a random blowgun from Cabelas and cost about $15. Overall this project cost about $30.


(1) 1/2" black iron end cap

(1) 1/2"x12" black iron nipple

(3) 1/2" elbow

(1) 1/2"x3/8" black iron reducer fitting

(2) 1/2" close nipple

(1) 3/8" ball valve

(1) 3/8"x3" nipple

(1) threaded Schrader valve

(1) blowgun

Step 2: Design

So the reason I don't have just a straight tube is that it is harder to aim. With a couple of elbows, you can create a riser which enables you to shoulder the airgun and look down the barrel which makes it much easier to aim. The valve is mounted in such a way that you won't jerk the airgun off-aim when you release the air.

Step 3: Building It!

Building it is super simple. The hardest part is tapping the hole for the Shrader valve which isn't even necessary. You could get a series of adapters to allow for a threaded. Shrader valve or you could just drill a hole and put one of those rubber Shrader valves in an endcap. It's all up to you. This design allows for a lot of creativity so build it any way you want. Just make sure you use Teflon tape to seal it up.

Step 4: Shooting It

It is powerful. It dwarfs my old Daisy BB gun in power. It is also very quiet. Definitely able to put food on the table in a pinch. Takes 10-20 seconds to reload and fill with air. Overal it is really fun to shoot and hope you enjoyed this instructable. If it's not too much to ask please vote for the contest that I've entered this instructable in. Thanks.


Please use common sense. Build and operate at your own risk.



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    1 year ago

    Very cool! The problem I have with this type of design is that flipping the ball valve not only throws off the aim drastically but causes the shots to be less powerful because not all of the pressure hits the projectile at the same time. I fixed that prob with a simple trigger mechanism for a pvc airgun I made:

    You know you could also use PVC for this, if you stay below 80 psi its perfectly safe. On the plus side, with metal pipe like this you can easily go up to 150-200 psi. Lot of power :)

    3 replies

    Checked out your video and it looks pretty good! I actually have oiled the ball valve and "broke it in" so there no resistance. Furthermore, I have placed the ball valve in a spot so it is pulled easily with one finger allowing you to keep both hands steadying the airgun. Still, it does take some practice to pull the valve fast enough and it might be handy to put some trigger system like yours on it. Oh and the black iron pipe is rated for 750 psi. Yep. And that is seamed black iron pipe. Seamless black iron pipe can withstand pressure well past 2,000 psi. Although I'd probably have to change out the Shrader valve and the ball valve before putting any more the 300 psi in it.

    Yeah, I know the pipe is rated for higher pressure, but the valves prob not super safe over 300. I will tell you, even with a broken in valve you can pull easily, the difference made with a trigger mech is quite impressive. I was very surprised the difference it made actually. Something to try it on a future gun.

    You any sort of pump for those super high pressures? That's always been my problem with airguns. No use in constructing a gun that'll hold 2000 if your air compressor only goes to 160 :)

    Yeah, a trigger mech would be nice. My air compressor is one of those big upright industrial ones. I think it is about 180-200 in the tank but its regulated down to 120. I do have a bike pump as shown in the video that makes it up there to 160ish but its held together with JB weld because some of the plastic parts broke from that pressure. Would like to get one of those PCP pumps but to much pressure will fold the seal of the dart, making it less powerful. Something I found out trying to shoot these with a homemade oxy-hydrogen gun.