DIY Alarm House Against Thieves

About: My name's Ahmed I love porgramming and Electronics because this things change the world and I want to be who change the world

IOT control our lives, this project help any one from stealing his home, it senses movement in house and send email to paterfamilias after this it will know in house have thief and arrested him.

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Step 1: Materials

1-Arduin o Nano

2-ESP82 66


4-PIR Sensor


6-9V Battery

7-Some Wires

Step 2: Install Blynk

install blynk library:

go to this website click on "DOWNLOAD BLYNK LIBRARY"

and put this library in Arduino

install blynk app:

search in Google play or App store about blynk

Step 3: Make Project in Blynk

We will do app in blynk let's go guys

1-Create New Account and Emails

2-After this we will make name for this project

3-select the hardware we will use Arduino Nano you can use Arduino uno

4-Click on E-mail to send token because it's important for project without it project don't work

5-Click on Widget Box it's on the right hand Similar to the circuit inside plus

6-we will use Email

app finished now

Step 4: Schematics and Codes

Finally we have finished the project

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    Nice DIY alarm. These make great introductory projects for people just getting started in lectronics.