DIY Alice Through the Looking Glass Polymer Clay Cake TUTORIAL

Here's a little Alice Through the Looking Glass themed necklace tutorial for you! With this necklace, you'll be ready for a mad tea party! Feel free to add any kind of charms that will give it an Alice vibe! Have fun!!More detailed instructions for the frosting:-My Harry Potter birthday Cake Tutorial at 00:54 -Cool Rice Bunny's tutorial that is very detailed and awesome! :) are the materials you will need:-Small round container or cookie cutter-Xactoknife-Rolling pin-Mold Maker Kit-Extra fine glitter-Glue-Fine sandpaper-Paintbrushes-Soft pastels-Glue on bail-Pastel green and purple clay-Yellow clay-Dough-colored clay-Tan clay-Baby oil-Popsicle sticks-Translucent Liquid Sculpey-Ribbons-Glaze

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