DIY Amazing Galaxy Backpack (my Design)


You can see all steps for a photo or watch my Youtube video for all details:

Step 1: You Need a Black Backpack.. and All Materials Are:

You need a black backpack..

I used a Faux Leather backpack.

and materials:

a backpack

acrylic colors


a glove

napkin or cotton

transparent nail polish (optional)

if you want to all steps for all details, visit my Youtube Video:

Step 2: Brush the Galaxy on Your Backpack...

use a cotton for brush your backpack.

it is so easy for brush.

you can see all details for brush on my Youtube video.

photos are no enough for details :)

Step 3: Add Some Planet or Stars Details

I love the planets and stars.

you can brush some beautiful details for your backpack.

if you want my backpack details visit my Youtube video, because photos are nor enough for all details.

Step 4: If You Want You Use Transparent Nail Polish for Finish Layer. (optional)

if you want you use transparent nail polish for finish layer. (optional)

I used but it is optional. some backpack materials are interesting. they never clean in rain.

for all details visit my youtue video:

Step 5: Finish Is Amazing...



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    8 months ago

    Just paint on a tiny Tardis in the distance, and this would be awesome for a Doctor Who convention!

    Oh, and voted!

    2 replies

    Reply 7 months ago

    Hey! Thank you so much for amazing comment. You make me happy with this comment. This is great idea! I want to try it :)