DIY Anti Aging Eye Cream Homemade Natural

Introduction: DIY Anti Aging Eye Cream Homemade Natural

About: Hey guys I'm ♥falguni♥, Welcome to my YouTube channel.I like to use homemade beauty products and believes in home-remedies.I think they are less costly and naturally effective solution to our beauty problems...

Hey guys check out new video on how to make Anti Aging eye cream naturally at home.

For this you will required,

1 tablespoon coconut oil,

1 tablespoon Vitamin E oil ,

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Step 1: How to Do It:

Mix together,at night apply/dab small amount of this cream around the eyes,make sure it does not seep in to your eyes.

Put it in refrigerator so that it becomes solidified and easy to use it as night cream.

This will help to tightening the skin around your eyes and will prevent wrinkles.

You can watch full video tutorial here:

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