DIY Appliance Removal (Theft) Alarm - So Simple!

Introduction: DIY Appliance Removal (Theft) Alarm - So Simple!

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Hi All
I was bored this afternoon, so I decided to mess around with a siren and a rocker switch.  I wanted to make something that set of an alarm if someone moved my XBOX or TV, and this is what I came up with.  If you put something on the rocker switch, depressing it, then no power will reach the siren.  When the switch opens (The TV or XBOX is moved), the pulsing 12v siren will activate.  Hope you like the video.  There is really nothing to this circuit.  It was just a fun way to spend an hour of my time.
Thanks for having a look!

1x 12v 1A AC adapter
1x 12v Siren (Of any kind)
1x Rocker Switch

All of the above items should be easily found at any electronic component store.

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