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Hello Everybody,
As Every Indian would know that there was a festival of Holi on 6th March. Also Know As Festival of Colours. I Hope Everybody Had Enjoyed Splashing Water Balloons On Each Other. But you might also know that after the day has passed we get Almost many Water balloons Left in our houses.
So, Let's Utilise Them into Making Our Aquariums Decorative! And Look Good.

Almost Every Child Loves. Balloons And i think that these Small Water Balloons will Look Great in our Aquariums.!

I am Giving this Instructable for explore science contest because it also teaches kids about density and Archimedes Principle.
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Step 1: Get the 3 Simple Things

1)Take 1 Packet of Water Balloons .

2)1 Reel of Strong Thread.

3)And 1 Vaccum Cup.

And we are ready to make it!

Step 2: Fill the Water Balloon

Fill the 3/4 Water Balloon with Water and Quarter with air.

Q1.So why should We Fill Air in it??

Answer: Almost Every Secondary School Kid Would Know About Density - Archimedes Principle .... And therefore You Would Know That Filling Some Air In the Balloon will Exert Up Thrust Force on Balloon . And the thread would always be Stretched. Like a Real Helium Filled Balloon.

Q2. Then Why Don't we Fill Full Balloon with Air.

Answer: Just to maintain a Decent Force on Vacuum Cup. // If we Filled the Full Balloon with Air then Vacuum Cup Would Always get Plucked Away from the Base.

Step 3: Tie the Vaccum Cup.

Here We Will Just Measure the length of thread Required to make Balloon Stay At decent Height.

And Tie one end to the Vaccum Cup.

So What i am doing here Is Creating Support for the balloon to keep it in Water ((Read Step 2 For Why.))

Step 4: Now, Tie the Balloon.

Now, Tie the Balloon with other End of Thread.

Remember : Always Tie the Balloon Above the Knot. This will prevent the thread from slipping from the Balloon.

That's It.
Now Find a Place to attach it.

Step 5: Find a Place in Your Aquarium

Find a Place in Aquarium and Clear it so that there are no gravels lying.

Step 6: Attach the Vaccum Cup and Enjoy!

Now , Clean your Arms and Hands and Take the Vacuum Cup and Attach it to the Base.

Now Cover the Vacuum cup with Gravels and Impress Your Friends.

Add more Balloons Collectively to one Vacuum Cup.

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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Fun idea. I'm glad you were already on top of de-chlorinating the water inside. Is it known that the rubber balloons are made of is safe to have in a tank long term? Some balloons have a powder coating inside to help keep the em inflated longer. I'm not sure what that's made of exactly, but it may be worth looking into also.

    3 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    normally the powder in balloons is the same as in rubber gloves, cornstarch, it is used to keep the rubber from sticking together . That way, it is easy to put your hand in the glove and easier to blow up the balloon. I am not sure if it is fish safe.

    I gave a search on website and found that the powder coated balloons are for Helium Filling purpose. So that helium could not escape from it.
    I found no powder like material on my balloons as they are intended to be used for splashing water easily on eachother without getting the bodies harmed.

    I Also think that the powdering of most balloons would be done just too prevent them from sticking to machinery will manufacturing....
    Anyways...I would recommend water balloons only :)


    3 years ago on Introduction

    For the safety of the fish, it is wise to use water directly from the tank or make sure that the water you are filling the balloons with has been treated, just like you would when adding water to the tank. That way, if the balloons pop, which hopefully they wont, the water that is released into the tank won't harm or stress the fish more.

    Nifty idea.

    2 replies

    Oh Yeah.. I Forgot to mention that i had put some anti Chlorine into the balloon before filling :p.

    Anyways Thanks for mentioning.

    lime3DAyush Sharma

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    The minuscule amount of chlorine in the tap water will naturally break down over time. In fact, very old bottles of bleach will actually be more water than bleach, if they are old enough.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    nice very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!